Veneered Boards

Specially designed to adapt to new interior design trends and in line with the growing need to experience a life as natural as possible.


Veneered boards, ennobled with specially selected natural veneer, create a connection between rustic fascination and expressive feelings.


We distribute the products of Europlac company, which was established in 1994 by purchasing a furniture production factory. Today, Europlac has over 230 qualified employees. Thanks to continuous modernization and technology and building on the long-standing experience of the founders, the Rohr family, Europlac is able to guarantee optimum quality and absolute reliability for every order.


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Veneered Boards

Special design with MDF, chipboard or multilayer plywood support;

Standard, fireproof or acoustic boards.

MDF / PAL support boards

MDF / PAL or plywood support boards are veneered on both sides with over 100 types of veneer from the collection.

Standard format: 2800 * 2070 * 9/16/19 mm
Veneer thickness: 0.6 / 0.9 / 1.5 mm

Where veneered boards are used

The natural veneer applied on these veneered boards offers special features such as cracks, knots, color and different cutting structures. They are meticulously selected and processed. By using this special process results the authentic and natural look of the veneered tiles, a feature not only visible but also a feature that can be felt and experienced.

These products bring to life the concepts of architects and interior designers.

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