ALPI Veneer

ALPI is a leader in the industry of decorative surfaces. It is a constantly evolving company, a multinational company with roots in Italy, a technological reference in the wood industry: ALPI was the first company in the world to industrialize the production process of composite wood.


At VASCO you will find a complete range of essences, colors and designs for any type of furniture and for the manufacture of interior / exterior doors.


Standard dimensions for all essences: 2200 / 2500 / 3150 * 670 mm

Thickness: 0,55 mm


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ALPI ON is a MDF veneered with ALPI veneer.

Dimensions: 3040 x 1240 x 19mm; 2500 x 1240 x 19mm;

Stock product.


ALPI KORD is an HPL veneered ALPI to standard sizes, with a thickness of 1mm;

Stock product.

Where ALPI veneer is used

The advantage over the classic veneer is its shape, large sheets (widths> 600 mm), which makes it easy to apply on any surface. The main quality of ALPI veneer is the absence of defects found in natural veneer, knots or stains. Every sheet of ALPI veneer is identical!

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