HPL (High Pressure Laminates) is a surface material for all areas where high standards of quality, durability and hygiene are provided. We are talking about indoor areas in the public and private environment.


We distribute the products of Pfleiderer company which has been on the market since 1894. Following the merger of Pfleiderer Grajewo and Pfleiderer GmbH, a new international and efficient brand was created for wood-based decorative panels. Through this merger process, Pfleiderer was able to harmonize all production locations, simplify and optimize its production processes and services offered.

At this moment we have the opportunity to access identical sets, structures and formats globally, unique in scope and depth. For the customer, a single Pfleiderer means stronger partnerships for high-quality wood-based panels, with outstanding expertise in decorative surfaces, a customer-oriented company and a consistent focus on sustainability. And last but not least, countless creative and practical “inspirations close to you”.


HPL – Compact – Features and Benefits:
– Special aesthetic and functional properties;
– Robust product with water and shock resistant surface;
– Hygienic surface and easy to clean;
– Product with increased durability and fire resistance;
– Can be combined in almost all 360 sets in the Pfleiderer collection;
– Also available in individual models;

Duropal XTreme

Matte surface without traces, used in the production of furniture, exhibitions and naval projects, doors, furniture fronts, work tables, etc.

Duropal - HPL Real Metal

Genuine metal surface; unmistakable appearance, brushed; candid, cold metal feel is used in projects with classical to modern architecture, for an original design high quality interiors, shops and commercial spaces; kitchens and living room furniture, in private homes; various applications in vertical areas.

Duropal - HPL Individual

Used in the production of individual furniture and interior design; projects in the field of catering, catering, cafes; wellness and toilets; shops and shopping areas; offices, office areas; educational areas, kindergartens, clinics; fairs and exhibition areas.

Duropal - HPL Magnetic

Used for design-oriented solutions with magnetic properties; displays, information panels and whiteboards; furniture and partitions; offices and conference areas, schools, kindergartens, public buildings, shops and exhibition spaces. Suitable for chalk marking and special markers; durability and low maintenance costs; available in 300 shades synchronization models (combinations with almost all decors in the Pfleiderer range).

Duropal - HPL SolidColor

Mass colored product; used in high quality residential and commercial sectors; exhibition stands; shelves, furniture fronts and table tops.

Duropal - HPL MicroPLUS

Used in public areas and high traffic areas, such as swimming pools, spa areas, sanitary facilities or reception areas; medical care, such as hospitals, doctors' offices, nursing homes, laboratories or in the field of medical research; catering and hotel industry.

Where is HPL used

- In areas with the highest standards of aesthetics, functionality and durability (interior or exterior);

- Administrative and industrial buildings, private housing, hotels and schools, sports, leisure and spa facilities, laboratory and health care sectors;

- Furniture, furniture and partitions in offices and conference rooms;

- For kitchens and shops, table and work surfaces and shelves;

- Pereți despărțitori și protecție de perete în zonele sensibile, de igienă şi zone umede;

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