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We distribute laminated products with special surfaces of metal and magnetic boards produced by HOMAPAL® company.


HOMAPAL® being located in the center of Germany is a worldwide leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of High Pressure Laminates (HPL).


For decades they have been developing and producing high quality laminates with special surfaces „Made in Germany“ which are being distributed worldwide.


Due to the diverse ranges and wide spectrum of colors and decors, which are continuously developed and adapted in accordance with the latest market trends, HOMAPAL® solutions offer an almost unlimited field of creativity and personalization.




HOMAPAL Magnetic Boards


HOMAPAL SRM – Scratch-Resistant Matt


HOMAPAL Industrial Line


Technical Catalogue


Metals offer in addition to the unique colouring and sheen, an exceptional touch which makes them an interesting and inimitable choice. Alongside the technical properties and advantages, it is, first and foremost, the visual aspect which renders HOMAPAL metal surfaces so striking.

HOMAPAL use thinly rolled foils of aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel (1.4301) to produce the laminates. Using a special embossing technique, the surfaces are furnished with different structures and pressed onto a hard HPL core. What's more, some of the décors are then finished by hand. The result: laminates with real metal surfaces which create a range of ambiances; from cool and businesslike to warm, luxurious or rustic and many more beyond.

The HOMAPAL® Metal collection comprises a variety of different décors which are able to satisfy a wide range of tastes, from classic to modern, from design-orientated to artistic.

HOMAPAL® Metal laminates are fire retardant according to both IMO (International Maritime Organisation) standards and DIN EN13501-1:2010-01 (MPA Dresden GmbH, classified as B-s1, d0).

The laminates do not contain formaldehyde in accordance with DIN EN 717-1 as confirmed by eph Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH.

HOMAPAL® Metal laminates can also be delivered with the FSC® mix quality mark on request (FSC-C092664).

HOMAPAL Magnetic Boards

Magnetic Boards - the perfect symbiosis of functionality and design. A high degree of sticking power combined with the fact that the surfaces, available in a wide range of colours, can be written on opens a whole world of diverse applications.

Due to an iron foil which is embedded in the laminate we are achieving a very high magnetic effect. As such, large-format documents, e.g. plans, posters and other objects can be easily fixed in place with magnets and then removed again without leaving a trace. HOMAPAL® Magnetic Boards are available in numerous basic and contemporary colours and, depending on the surface finish, can be written on using chalks or board markers.

Some of the décors are also available with a reduced light reflection effect for projection purposes. The possible applications are virtually unlimited and range from shopfitting to shop window designs, displays and information boards to children's and kitchen furniture, in fact anywhere where things have to be flexibly fixed and removed again.

The laminates are free of formaldehyde in accordance with DIN EN 717-1 as confirmed by eph Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH.

HOMAPAL® Magnetic Boards can also be delivered with the FSC® mix quality mark on request (FSC-C092664).

HOMAPAL SRM - Scratch-Resistant Matt

The difference is even obvious to the naked eye: „Scratch-Resistant Matt“, SRM for short, is the name of HOMAPAL‘s new highly scratch-proof matt surface with anti-fingerprint finish.

It is provided on selected aluminium, copper and brass decors in various textures and colours, such as taupe, champagne or gold, as well as on magnetic boards in the plain colours of macchiato, light grey, stone grey and white. The special technique creates an ultra-matt look with anti-fingerprint function and unique impression of depth. The inert process produces an extremely scratch-resistant surface with regular and, on this basis, hard-wearing textures in high-end quality. „Scratch-Resistant Matt“ is suitable for horizontal use in line with duty class 3 under EN 438, e.g. for counters in exhibition-stand construction and shop fitting or counters in bars and restaurants, for tables and work surfaces in the office or kitchen, but also in the contract segment, such as in hotels.

HOMAPAL Industrial Line

Rough concrete and rusty metal are the hallmarks of the Industrial Line of HOMAPAL's trend collection. Natural structures and authentic to the touch are the characteristics that ensure interior projects are genuine eye-catchers that radiate a loft character with an industrial touch. Two new coarse material effects are presented in the second "Industrial Line". "Concrete Solid Rock" integrates the typical cast look of the cool concrete - usually used in building construction - in interior design. Corton steel "Shipyard" impresses with its urbane coolness and the exciting combination of metal and rust.

"Rust Canyon" is the perfect complement and material choice for the industrial look. The decor radiates a rusty metal character. The red tone of the rust decor brings to mind the rock formations of the Grand Canyon and dominates in this slightly washed-out, intrinsically homogenous, calm decor.

Every decor is unique and elaborately produced in a number of skilfully executed manual stages. The core material HPL is finished with a mixture of natural materials such as minerals, resins and pigments. The seal and impregnation uses an ecological coating system that results in a high load-bearing capacity. This means that the decors are also suitable for use in commercial areas, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as horizontal applications. The sealing system is also ecological and biologically harmless since as it is free from VOCs or solvents, which means that the decors are also safe for allergy-sufferers.

Where is Homapal HPL used

More than just a laminate – laminates with special surfaces of metal and magnetic boards.

HOMAPAL® laminates are used both in mass-produced furniture and public settings - in hotels and bars, on cruise ships and in clubs, in restaurants and in shops - essentially wherever interior vertical surfaces are to be enhanced. The special surfaces set slick accents, underline moods and leave room for individual staging in boutiques right up to warehouses.

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