Product Description – HPL:

  • HPL – “High Pressure Laminate” is a material composed of several layers of special paper impregnated with melamine resin, which is superimposed over a paper type setting and then glued to very high pressures and temperatures, resulting in a rigid and homogeneous material.
  • An important prerequisite for surface hardness and HPL is the use of melamine resin. This produced synthetic resin is one of the most difficult materials to process and HPL is guaranteed to be harmless to health.
  • HPL core is composed of soda-kraft paper of high quality, which are impregnated with phenolic resin. The  phenolic resin brings elasticity  in the entire system of HPL. Following this , HPL can be manufactured easily while maintaining high impact strength.
  • Duropal melaminele is based solely on its proprietary and phenolic formulations are developed and manufactured by us.
  • Our products are highly resistant to scratches, knocks and abrasion, making them extremely durable. Due to the resistance to moisture, steam and chemicals, these panels, manufactured to EN 438, are ideal for traditional areas, such as furniture and interior design projects, as well as for laboratories and hospitals.
  • Fantasy and Stone

  • Wood Reproductions

  • Plain Colours

  • Special Kollections

  • Metal Laminate

ATTENTION: All the samples presented on the website may have different colors then the real samples. In order to avoid any inconvenience, please contact us for getting samples before the final order.